Benedikt Müller
«Solution Design und Developement»

With my profile…
  • I make an important contribution to the success and further development of the digital future of your company.
  • I support the design and development of your digital systems in the sense of technical solution for the operation of efficient cost-saving digital business processes for business transactions with your customers, suppliers and partners, and
  • contribute to the most important success factor of your business success in the .
  • I support internal specialists, internal and external service providers, from development to implementation and sustainable operation.
….my personal assessment
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Experience in the technical development of digital processes in the logistics industry
  • Recognize required change of the old processesand supportchange implementation
  • Ability of step-by-step communication within the project organisation
  • Bring me in as a team player with a pragmatic approach.
  • I am durable, resilient and versatile
….my skills
  • Training as a 3Ddesigner,blender, GIMP
  • Programming in C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Web-Services, XML, EDIFACT, Phyton, VBA, VB.NET, support in App development
  • Windows System Administration Windows XP-Windows 10, Windows Firewall, Microsoft Office from 2013 MicrosoftOffice 365, Teamviewer, OpenOffice
  • Linux Systemadmin alle Distros, Penetration Testing Tools, Wine, Bruteforcetesting,  En-/Decription, Injection Scans, Information Gathering, RSACrypto-Tools, Stego, Vulnerablity Scans
  • CMS applications such as WordPress and Joomla
  • Experience in the development and use of EDI standards (XML, EDIFACT) and systems EDIFOS/EDIStation
  • Support and coordination of processes, cooperation in the support of customers, IT support
  • German as a mother tongue, English
  • MS-Office
….and my professional experience
  • Experience in software design and development for the logistics industry
  • Industry Knowledge
    – Logistics – Transport/Forwarding/Warehousing/Customs
    – IT Service Manager -Developmentand Support

…..I am a sustainable investment inthe success of your company.